You could be entitled to a tax free pension from the veterans administration.

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs has a little-known tax-free pension available to help qualified veterans and spouses pay for home health care, assistance living, or nursing home care. The VA Aid & Attendance & Housebound Pension is designed to provide qualified veterans and their un-remarried surviving spouses with financial benefits outside the traditional VA residential system. This pension benefit offers a direct, tax-free monthly pension to help defray the cost of long-term care.


Eligibility Requirements


The claimant must be 65 years old and/or unemployable.

The veteran must have an Honorable or General discharge (any other than Dishonorable discharge).

The claimant must require hands on medical care, be receiving the required care and must be paying for the receipt of that care.

And want to achieve all of these objectives in a way that reduces unnecessary tax liability, attorney fees, and court costs.

The claimant must satisfy VA financial eligibility requirements.*

Accessing your benefit through this system can provide you with the ability to afford the care you need. You have the power to select the services you require as well as the provider. The pension is dependable. Like Social Security, the pension will always be there for qualified beneficiaries and is paid directly to you by the U.S. Department of the Treasury.

Maximum Benefit Amounts for 2023

Annual Monthly
Single Veteran $ 26,752 $ 2,229
Surviving Spouse $ 17,192 $ 1,432
Married Veteran (Veteran needs care) $ 31,714 $ 2,642
Married Veteran (Spouse needs care) $ 21,001 $ 1,750
Two Married Veterans (Both need care) $ 42,433 $ 3,536
Two Married Veterans (One needs care) $ 31,714 $ 2,642

Qualifying Military Service


Veterans must have been honorably discharged, and have served at least 90 days of active duty military service, with at least one day during one of the following periods:

World War II: 12/07/1941 through 12/31/1946

Korean Conflict: 06/27/1950 through 01/31/1955

Vietnam (in country): 02/28/1961 through 05/07/1975

Vietnam (all other): 08/05/1964 through 05/07/1975

Gulf War: 08/02/1990 through TBD

Reserves and National Guard are not qualified unless they served 90 days active Federal duty with 1 day during a period of conflict.

Service in the Merchant Marine during World War II counts the same as Naval Service, providing the veteran was at sea for 90 days.